Creating a safe and
secure cyberspace
for people around the world
We create a cyberspace
that people around the world can use it safely and securely

Dedicated LP to help those who are under cyber attack

Domestic security manufacturer
that provides peace of mind
with in-house development and support

Cyber security cloud
has protected many Japanese websites
as a pioneer in the field of web security. 

Remote work and digital transformation (DX) are advancing rapidly
enhancing global convenience; 
 however, the escalation of cyber threats is a growing concern.

Enabling everyone to utilize cyberspace with confidence,
by leveraging world-class cyber threat intelligence and AI technology,
we will continue to provide global quality services.


Shadankun Installation site No.1*
Cloud-based WAF

Shadankun is equipped with advanced AI defense technology.
A security service that protects your website.

* Survey by Japan Marketing Research Organization Survey overview: October 2021 period_result survey


Waf Charm Automated operation service
 eliminates the hassle of WAF installation

It is an all-in-one service for WAF operation that incorporates the setting of optimal defense rules for your company and daily vulnerability countermeasures.

Waf Charm

AWS WAF Managed Rules
To more than 90 countries around the world
of global standards to provide
WAF rules

Only 7 companies in the world, only as a Japanese manufacturer,
We provide WAF rulesets on AWS.

aws marketplace
AWS WAF Managed Rules

SIDfm Vulnerability Information Collection and Evaluation​ ​
can be done automatically
by our Management service

SIDfm is a vulnerability management service that can dramatically reduce the burden of vulnerability countermeasures on companies.


CloudFastener AWS security
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Fully managed service

According to your AWS environment,
Comprehensively manage and operate security.


Cyber Security Cloud provides services to many customers from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises.

Shimizu Corporation All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. ANA SBI SECURITIES United Corporation UNITED PARCO PARCO Pioneer SB Human Capital Sompo Risk Management Fan Communications Inc. FANCOMI Kyokuyo Co., Ltd.

IR information

IR information

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We are looking for members who sympathize with the philosophy of "creating a safe and secure cyberspace that people around the world can use" and who will work together to deliver the social infrastructure of the new era to the world.