Name : Cyber Security Cloud , Inc.
Established : August 2010
Capital Share : JPY 658.55 Million (Including capital reserve)
Head Office : VORT Ebisu maxim 3F, 3-9-19 Higashi, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0011, Japan
US Office : 500 Mercer Street, Suite C202-143B Seattle,
WA 98109 U.S.A.
Business : ・Development of Web Security services using Artificial Intelligence
・Cyber-attack research and analysis
・Research and development of AI technology
Senior Management :
  • Representative Director, President and CEO

    Toshihiro Koike

  • Representative Director, CTO

    Yoji Watanabe

  • Director, CFO

    Masafumi Kurata (CPA)

  • Outside Director

    Yoshinori Ikura (Lawyer)

  • Outside Director

    Yoshio Ishizaka

  • Full-time Auditor

    Daichi Seki (CPA)

  • External Auditor

    Kenta Izumi

  • External Auditor

    Ikuo Murata

Member of : ・Japan Network Security Association
・AWS Partner Network (Select Tier)
Certifications : Information security management system [ISO / IEC27001] certification
Telecommunications carrier report
Group Companies : Cyber Security Cloud Inc. (USA)
SofTek Systems, Inc.


Toshihiro Koike, Representative Director, President and CEO

Born in 1983. After graduating from Konan University Faculty of Law, he joined Recruit Group. In 2016 he joined AppSocially Inc. as COO. In 2018 he founded ALIVAL and became the Representative Director. After transferring the company, he became Representative Director, President and CEO of Cyber Security Cloud Co, Inc. in 2021.

Yoji Watanabe, Representative Director, CTO

Born in 1975, after graduating from Meiji University in Tokyo with a degree in Computer Science, he was engaged in research & development of cloud systems, real-time distributed processing and anomaly detection in a company that deals with R&D consulting for major IT companies. In 2016, he joined Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. and has served as CTO and Director. In 2021, he became Representative Director, CTO. (Concurrently serving as CEO of SofTek Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. in 2020)

Masafumi Kurata, Director, CFO

Born in 1991, he passed the CPA examination during his 3rd year in Hosei University. While at the university, he joined Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC and engaged in auditing of listed companies, listing preparation support, internal regulation creation support, financial advisory, etc. Joined Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. in 2017 as the general manager of the management department and was appointed as a board member in 2019.

Yoshinori Ikura, Outside Director (Lawyer)

Born in 1979, he graduated from Chuo University Law School and passed the bar exam in the same year. After finishing his law apprenticeship, he joined AZX Law Office in 2008 and was responsible for legal affairs of many venture companies. After that, he joined Kairos SOGO Law Office and established Ikura Law Office in February 2013. In 2015, he became an External Auditor & Supervisory Board Member of Waqoo Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of non-executive director of Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. in 2016.

Yoshio Ishizaka, Outside Director

Born in 1940. After graduating from Hitotsubashi University's Faculty of Law, he joined Toyota Motor Corporation.
After serving as President of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., he was appointed as Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation in 2001. He led the overseas development of Toyota Motor Corporation, including the launch of Lexus.
After serving as an Advisor to the board for Toyota Motor Corporation and as a Senior Advisor at Roland Berger Ltd. since 2008, he was awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor in 2011. He is also the author of "The Toyota Way in Sales and Marketing"

Daichi Seki, Full-time Auditor (CPA)

Born in 1969. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics in 1994. After working for a major domestic financial institution, he joined Chuo Aoyama Audit (later known as Misuzu Audit) in 2000. In 2007, he joined Shin Nihon Audit (currently Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC). Currently, he is a lecturer at the Graduate School of Global Business, Meiji University, and a member of the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office in Japan. In 2021, he became a Full-time Auditor of Cyber Security Cloud Co, Inc.

Kenta Izumi, Statutory Auditor

Born in 1979, after graduating from Keio University with a degree in Policy Management, he joined Daiwa Securities SMBC Co. Ltd. (now known as Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.) in April 2003 and engaged in IPO, financing and M&A operations for about 7 years in the investment banking division of the company and the US Citigroup Inc. In September 2010, he was appointed as the Director and CFO of Full Speed Inc. (listed on TSE Mothers: 2159) for corporate reconstruction and served as its Vice President (COO and CMO) until July 2014. Currently, he serves as the Founder and Chairman of Tagpic Inc. and as the President of Reliance Data Co., Ltd., as well as an outside director of a few other listed & unlisted companies. In 2018, he joined Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. as a Statutory Auditor.

Ikuo Murata, Statutory Auditor

Born in 1958, after graduating from Bishop's University in Canada, he joined Venture Link, a Japan LCA of consulting company for SMEs. After that he joined Gulliver International, Inc. (now known as Idom Inc.) and later served as its Vice President. He currently serves as a Statutory Auditor of NEXTAGE Co., Ltd. and as a President of Snow Peak Glamping Inc. In 2017, he joined Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. as a Statutory Auditor.


4 min walk from JR Ebisu Station West Exit
After taking the West Exit, walk along Komazawa Street, and cross the pedestrian bridge.